Ultrasonic Humidifier 600 Pints

Manufacturer: Innovative T&D
Sturdy built with 1st grade materials to give you the extra mile in the duty, with sophistication of computer control, to keep the area to the best optimal conditions, depending of the specific task you need. Super quite performance, It's a most for Humidity needs. FOR MICHIGAN customers Contact: HydroPros (586)803-0966 Other Customers CONTACT US, to direct you to a Dealer in your area.
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Ultrasonic humidifier


  •   Micro-computer LED Display                                   
  •   Precision humidity control (30%-90%)
  •   Low water-level alarm                                             
  •   Automatic water refill
  •   Stainless Steel water tank    



Mist Capacity:             3kg/hour

Supply voltage:           115V 60Hz

Rated Input Current:    5A

Rated Input Power:      450W

Water Tank Capacity:    18L

Noise:                        -<30dB(A)

Mist hole:                   110mm x1       

Body size:                   24.8x13.77x18.18 in.  / 630x350x462mm

Net weight:                 40.78 Lbs  / 18.5 Kgs



• Stainless steel 


1 pcs / pack

Individual Size:

24.80x18.11x 21.26in.

Individual Weight:


Product Details: Directions of Use:
Company Name: Innovative Tool and Design Inc.  
Product Description:  Ultrasonic humidifier
Part Number:               INNO-ULTSNC-HMR600
UPC: 850031592438
Color: White and blue
Package Size:  in.
Weight:   Lbs.

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