RED Weed Wacker / Trimmer Expandable cover

Manufacturer: Innovative T&D
Ideal to cover outdoors equipment from the Elements, as water, dust, debris, and more. Specially design, to keep your different type of equipment safe and worth for a longer life and better performance. Contact us for wholesale. PATENT PENDING.

Compatible Product:
Weed Trimmer, String Trimmer, Brushless Cutter, Brush Cutter.
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Our Trimmer Cover along with other products, we make in our various manufacturing plants are work ready, tested and re-tested until, we are convinced of readiness for customer safe and durable usage.
THEPROTECTOR is Ideal for open trailer transportation, storage, ETC.


-UV Resistant    -Mold resistant                  
-100% Waterproof    - No stetch
-Coated    - Cover/wrap



600D+PVC SIZE:       13"H X 15.5-18"W X 10" D

Product details:

Company name: Innovative Tool and Design, Inc.
Product Description: Trimmer/ weedwacker cover
Part number: ITD-RDWWC
UPC: 850031592001
Quality Certification:  
Color: RED
Package Size: 13" L x 10"W
Weight: 12.2 OZ.