XL Blue Fabric Mask 5 pcs/pack

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Manufacturer: Innovative T&D
SKU: ITD-052202
Protects against non-oily particles e.g., dust, pollen, germs, and droplets. Masks are individually wrapped and Retail Ready.
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Blue Fabric Mask


Our Extra Large Fabric mask is ideal for use as everyday protection against non-oily particles e.g., common dust, pollen, germs, droplets allergens, UV-A, and UV-B. While being use with optional replaceable PM 2.5 FILTER. Comfort and breathability make it, suitable for wearing throughout the day and for light exercise. Permanently antimicrobial fabric reduces the growth of bacteria and odors on the mask.  


•  Soft.

•  Breathable.

•  Absorbent.

•  Non-sterile.

•  Elastic ear-loop.

•  Washable and Reusable.

•  Built In Pocket for Replaceable PM 2.5 Filters.

•  Fold design with an integral coated wire nose strip for optimum fit.

Inside layer: 100% cotton.
Outside layer:60% polyester and 40% cotton.
Earloops: Nylon and Spandex earloops.
Earloop adjusters:              Silicone.
Technical Data 
Aerosol Type:Non-oily particles.
Size8.5x5 in./21x12.5cm.
Color: Black, White or Blue.
Exhalation Valve:No.
Strap Attachment:Sawed Adj.
Nose Clip:Yes.
Certifications: N/A.


1 pcs / pouch

Individual Size:


Individual Weight:

0.04 Lbs.


10 pouches / box

25 pouches / box

Box Size:

12.5x9.5 in


Box Weight:

 0.518 Lbs.

1.237 Lbs.



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